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  • 奇蹟廚房

    The Miracle Kitchen *After placing an order, please leave the last five codes of your Line and bank account in the message board for confirming payment. It is convenient for us to contact and inquire. Thanks for your cooperation! 健康手工煎餅 NT$150 健康手工煎餅 立即購買 鹹蛋黃燕煎餃 NT$150 鹹蛋黃燕煎餃 立即購買 健康養生粽 NT$700 健康養生粽 立即購買 手工天然綜合果醬 NT$280 手工天然綜合果醬 立即購買 我的帳戶 跟踪訂單 購物袋 Display prices in: TWD

  • 影片 | 嬉舞集

    首頁 ​影 片 我的影片 我的影片 Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... Now Playing 正念靜心瑜珈 03:04 Play Video Now Playing 陳洛葳/嬉舞集形象影片 (之一) 01:03 Play Video Now Playing 陳洛葳X嬉舞集形象影片之二 (Dancing Farida) 05:09 Play Video Now Playing 嬉舞集【夏至的祝福 非洲鼓舞靜心營 】 01:01 Play Video

  • 舞動紀錄 | 嬉舞集

    ​首頁 > 舞動紀錄

  • 瑜伽花蓮 | 嬉舞集 | 關於

    FOLLOW 陳 洛 葳 (Lo-Wei Chen) 瑜珈/靜心講師 作家 專長帶領多元動態靜心、正念靜心瑜珈、心靈舞蹈、表達藝術靜心等。曾為電視廣播媒體記者與主播、大專院校傳播學院助理教授、文字工作者,業餘翻譯書籍。政大新聞研究所畢。目前為{嬉舞集}工作室主持人。 . 證 照 美國瑜珈聯盟(Yoga Alliance) RYT 200)小時證照 正念減壓(Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, MBSR)課程認證 「Body Dance Essence Coaching Training」認證訓練; 紐約Moving On Center School 接受DE-SMTT(Dynamic Embodiment- Somatic Movement Therapy Training™)「動態體現:身心動作教育治療訓練」; 紐約5Rhythms®(五韻律動舞蹈)創始人Gabrielle Roth密集訓練; 美國催眠師協會(NGH)催眠師訓練。 鑽石呼吸訓練 . 教學經歷 台北藝術大學推廣教育師資 慈濟大學社會教育推廣中心瑜珈教師 慈科大社會教育推廣中心瑜珈教師 何嘉仁美語幼教老師肢體培訓講師 交通大學輔導室肢體開發研習講師 TS Fire Group (旋舞炎)舞團專屬心靈舞蹈指導 高雄「樹的可能性」藝文空間講師 「學學文創」肢體開發講師 台北光舞創意律動中心講師&負責人 花蓮嬉舞集工作室負責人 . 著 作 《我愛她也愛她:18位雙性戀者的生命故事》(心靈工坊) 《北京美食散步地圖》(藏羚羊出版) . ​翻 譯 《我們選擇的告別》((商周出版) 《另一個衣櫃:雙性戀者的生命故事與認同》(商週出版) About me 關 於 我

  • Forum | 嬉舞集

    To see this working, head to your live site. All Posts My Posts Forum Welcome! Have a look around and join the discussions. Get the Conversation Started This is where you’ll find all posts in the forum. Create New Post Forum - Frameless

  • 瑜伽花蓮 | 嬉舞集 | 場地介紹

    Environment Classroom Classroom introduction [Happy Dance Collection] is a shared space for cultural and artistic exchanges. Here we have regular yoga, mindfulness meditation, creative dance, music, aromatherapy, aromatherapy, detoxification, life aesthetics and other courses. We invite you to come and taste the experience. ​ The classroom is an independent space on the first floor, equipped with wooden floors, stereos, microphones, air conditioners, yoga mats, conference tables and chairs, folding and room chairs and other equipment. Suitable for yoga, dance, conferences, events and various classes. About 25 ping or so. It can be rented for a period of time, or for long-term space cooperation, please call to inquire. FOLLOW Room Style Play and dance set accommodation A good place to live away from the city. This is a villa with a sense of design, with convenient transportation and living functions. The overall space environment is quiet and contains rich humanistic atmosphere. There are parks and green spaces outside. From the balcony, you can look at the changing mountains and clouds, and listen to the chirping of insects and birds in the morning and evening. Convenient for parking, eating and shopping around. You can enjoy the public space on the second floor, including kitchen, dining room, sofa and audio equipment, etc. The homestay can also book private yoga classes, meditation dance classes, and no-menu dishes. Perfect for vacation, secluded, long stay or short term rentals. ​ [Play and Dance Collection] is also a shared space for cultural and artistic exchanges. Here we have regular yoga, meditation, body development, flower arrangement, life aesthetics and other courses. We invite you to come and taste the experience. ​ No-menu meals available by appointment, private yoga/meditation classes Suitable for seclusion and vacation, welcome for long stay Can arrange exclusive small travel itineraries in Hualien, book rafting, stand-up paddles, customized itineraries, professional driver guides. For courses and itineraries, please contact: 0988-379333 ​​ ​ ​ . Near Tzu Chi University. Primary and secondary school campuses. About 10 minutes from Hualien Railway Station. About 10 minutes from Hualien Airport. About 10 minutes from downtown Hualien 完整介紹

  • 房間 | 嬉舞集

    讓大自然為你舒壓療癒,在這裡望著天際線、綿延的山脈,什麼都不做就非常療癒。 到花蓮住一晚吧,讓你的雙眼和身心五感都浸沐在青翠茂盛的山景之中, 原來遠離塵囂就是這麼容易! FOLLOW Smiling Sunshine Room 微 笑 陽 光 房 提供私人瑜珈/靜心課程/短租 房間內有整片的大玻璃窗,讓住客飽覽四周的景色,不用走出戶外,只要躺在床上就可以看到一大片山景。 ​ 房間有專屬陽台,整個縱谷風光盡收眼底。 ​ 房源空間 位於碧雲莊5層樓獨棟別墅,兩張標準雙人床,可二到四人入住。有陽台,獨立衛浴,附有浴缸,空間寬廣,約13坪 。 ​* 預訂房間,請加賴 (Line) Balloon Room 熱 氣 球 房 提供私人瑜珈/靜心課程/短租 繽紛亮麗,色彩鮮艷,富有童趣的熱氣球房。 ​ 房源空間 位於碧雲莊5層樓獨棟別墅,有一張標準雙人床,一張沙發床,適合2~4人入住,有獨立衛浴,房間空間約八坪。 ​ ​* 預訂房間,請加賴 (Line) 房客使用權限 房客可享用一樓瑜珈教室,及二樓的廚房與客廳。我們有環繞音響,讓您在公共空間聽音樂與用餐。五樓有洗衣機與曬衣空間,方便提供長住的房客方便使用。 服務提供 可預約無菜單料理,私人瑜珈/靜心課程 適合僻靜及渡假,歡迎短租(long stay) 可安排專屬花蓮小旅行行程,代訂泛舟、立槳、客製化行程,專業司機導遊。 課程與行程請洽詢, 請加賴 (Line)

  • 親子野趣營 | 嬉舞集

    首頁 > 行程 > 細節 親子野趣藝術營 Outdoor teaching in the mountains and fields of Hualien, combined with parent-child courses . 聆聽鳥語啁啾與孩子嘻笑共鳴、吸收森林芬多精,花蓮山野戶外 教學 ,結合親子課程,體驗人文藝術,寓教於樂,在大自然中放鬆,在遊戲中學習。 漫遊林田園山間,導覽林間建築與藝術創作之美。 ​​ ​為甚麼要去花蓮三天兩夜? 來到花蓮大山大水,享受與田園、森林、山海直接對話的療癒空間,遇見台灣最美的人情好風景。遠離城市紛擾,帶領每位在生活中努力的人,一個放鬆身心靈、與自己對話的戶外課程體驗。 自然野趣結合戶外與室內課程,同時滿足大人小孩的遊玩心情,邊玩邊學習,增進親子關係。 6~8人精緻小團體,專業師資群課程,全程專業司機導遊包車。 長度:3天2夜。 適合對象:親子活動。 Information ​資 訊 . 全包式題案價格 $8,800/人,包含說明之行程活動導覽、課程、餐飲(除第一天東大門夜市)、住宿、全程交通費用(含火車票,包車)、保險 ​ . 一分鐘了解行程精華 體驗擂茶樂趣,在地家常美食 山頂夕照擊鼓,親子遊戲非洲鼓 親水漂漂河,清涼一夏 探訪撒固兒部落,瀑布戲水 親子瑜珈,親子按摩 外籍老師親子繪本美語教學 品嚐在地人才知道的經典巷弄美食 典藏記憶,免費客製屬於您的小影片 Itinerary introduction 8/14 (Fri) Watching the sound of the mountains and the sea in Hualien 10:00~11:00 Hualien Railway Station 11:15 Keishuin Humanities and Arts Guide 12:00 Grilled fish at the foot of the mountain, enjoy local delicacies such as salt-grilled fish 13:30 Chuying Water Park has a cool summer 16:30 Night view at the observation deck of Fenglin Trail, Parent-child game African drum lesson 18:30 Dongdamen Night Market (free dinner) 20:00~21:30 Night tour + bedtime story time 8/15 (Sat) Hualien Rift Valley Mountain and Sea Ecology and Spiritual Guide 07:30 Breakfast 08:30 Departure 09:00 Take a 360-degree view of the mountains and seas of Hualien from the Qiqi Heights 10:30 Roaming in Lintian Mountain to guide the beauty of forest architecture and artistic creation 13:15 Yamato Leicha Experience the fun of Leicha and local home-cooked food 14:30 Da Nong Da Fu Pingdi Forest Park, meditate and purify the mind in the forest. 18:00 Hualien must-eat food: Shoufeng Township Yuezhilu Canteen Plum Chicken 20:30 Homestay time ​ 8/16 (Sun) 08:00 Breakfast 09:10 Foreign teachers lead a parent-child picture book American English course 10:40 The Sagul tribe recognizes the Sakilaya and walks the Sagul Trail to visit the most accessible waterfall in Hualien. 12:00 Hualien alley food, a bowl of lamb beef noodles. 14:00 Forty-eight Heights overlook the beauty of Qixingtan 15:00 Parent-child yoga and parent-child massage class 17:30~18:00 Return

  • 瑜伽花蓮 | 嬉舞集 | 專屬行程

    Exclusive Itineraties 專 屬 行 程 首頁 > 行程介紹 Parent-child Wild Art Camp 親 子 野 趣 藝 術 營 3天2夜 | 花蓮山野戶外教學,結合親子 課程 。 活動細節

  • 課程回顧 | 嬉舞集

    ​首頁 > 課程回顧 FOLLOW 舞蹈靜心 | 舞動幸福細胞工作坊 | 表達藝術靜心工作坊 | 深度脈輪靜心舞蹈工作坊 | 輕斷食排毒靜心營 | 律動靜心工作坊(松園別館) 戶外茶席靜心活動 | 靜心禪與茶相遇

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